Friday, March 29, 2013

Gold Rush

There's Gold in them hills! That's what i kept hearing while i was capturing images of my new collection. Just a few pieces from a galvanized mind thanks to the wild west. My spirit resonates with what's pulsing in this part of the native lands.. and the natives, to say the least, are calling! Here are a few photos to the beginning of this spring/summer jewelry collection! Enjoy! <3

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The "Dream Maker"

Everyone Loves a Dream catcher, whether it be to decorate your home or adorn yourself with Native inspirations! For this go round I vote for self adornment! Lol. Traditionally, dream catchers were placed over the bed or window and were said to capture bad dreams in the web and allow good dreams to trickle down the feathers into the spirit of the dreamer. As their uses have evolved and inspired us all, they expanded to the realm of wearable art. I personally love them and have had my hand in a few unique variations of this art. Well, now Ive created yet another, tribal inspiration in the form of this handmade turquoise necklace. But this time I've called it the "Dream Maker". In the spirit of manifesting dreams, here's my contribution to the beloved Native dream catcher! Hope you enjoy! You can find this necklace here in my shop. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Nothing like a day out with the little one on a hunt to find new things to create with! Here's a few snap shots of us on our creative scavenge. I had the pleasure of being surprised by my fashionable son on a few of our outings to capture some of our unplanned photo shoots! heres a few to share with you. Express yourself through your own style!! ;-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Apparently ive inspired some artists unbeknownst to me.. This is My work..Which i made and sold quite some time ago..
And one i stumbled across on etsy...recently posted..
She sweetly let me know her daughter requested a piece like the one i made above..i think she did a good job! lovely. ♥

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I believe this photo says it all. I found this image surfing Etsy one day while was taking a break from working and quickly added it to my favorites. It struck me instantly and I new it would be the subject of my next post. I stared at the photo for a while pondering on the fact that I've always wanted one of these tub thingies..a caddy to be specific. So much so, it put me in a particular mood and thought every woman who has a tub at her disposal should make it a point to set the mood regularly at the end of her day. Meditative bath time had been a ritual before I moved into my town home that so happened to have a very retro stand in shower. And while I love its nostalgia and quaintness, I do, at times, miss my bath time ritual. Which brings me to my PSA (public service announcement for those of you who aren't familiar with the We often say we don't have time for things, or say "when I have the money...then.." and the reality is we have to make time in the moment. And use what we have to take advantage of the bliss that is before us. What ever feels right for you, take time to carve out your little sentimental "me time". Whether it be candles and a good book via your bath caddy, or hot tea and John Coltrane, the time is NOW! Use what you have to romance and treat yourself to peace and ease. It is necessary to center from a busy day of being pulled in many directions. So take some time, turn off your electronics and unnatural lighting. Light some candles or bask in the early morning sunlight and set a tone of rest or begin your day with ambiance. Your creativity, mood, and loved ones will thank you. Let flow! ♥

For the caddy and other inspiring works, visit Margaux and Walter's shop here

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is my friend, Cat Belle. And by "friend", I mean it in every sense of the word. She is not only my friend, but an amazing designer, phenomenal hair and wardrobe stylist, and a charismatic and loving mother of two. I could go on about all the amazing things she does, but i digress. Did I say amazing? Oh,yes..I did.Lol. I first found this woman by way of her Natural Beauty Salon in the Little Five Points Bazaar in ATL. This was back in the day, when it was the pulse of the area. For those of you who aren't familiar, this bazaar was the center point of creative vibration and eclectic raw expression. You could find anything from incense to crystals, to banging shoes and handmade a ccessories. And with just a stroll around the other side of the game to Mood's music, you could cop the next hot new indie album. This gem of a woman happened to be a significant contributor to said "pulse" and i was blessed enough to work with her. They were the first days in my new found home when my steps were Divinely ordered into her shop. After our meeting, she adopted me into the creative fold as one of her stylists and the rest is history! I learned a lot from this woman and she continues to inspire me as well as the masses. A humble, graceful being she is, but don't get it twisted; she's a force to be reckoned with! Her comedic antics and her exceptional sense of style are only preceded by her brilliant mind. She's a lover of retro fashion, and a textile junkie just waiting for something to pop off so she can whip out the perfect ensemble to let an unsuspecting admirer "HAVE IT"! Cat is a true matriarch of ingenuity and Birth mother to Cat's Eye Handmade. So if you need some fly gear,(side eye)........enough said.
Everyone of us knows a sister friend that is galvanizing the globe (from our point of reference anyway) and ferociously carving out her mark in the world. And if you don't, you betta get to lookin' and/or you better get to carving! My girl is causing a fashion ruckus and making Love to life, so if you need any pointers or are lacking inspiration..catch a glimpse through Cat's Eyes, and i assure'll never be the same again.


By the way, this isnt my

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


OMG!! I LOVE to see women (people)using their gifts, IN their gifting. THAT, is life SOURCE, the very essence of God! What are you doing that gives you joy day to day?..what is it that you cant breathe without? In other words, what do your hands do?....there is nothing more important than to discover and DO all the things that you came here for...and btw, your kids will have their own life, did popular religious more regurgitating.....WHAT IS YOURS!!?

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Not only do Black Girls Rock,..but they can sing their tails off as well!! These FOUR WOMEN indefinitely shocked and rocked me into nostalgia over their sultry and ingenious rendition of Nina Simone's original 1964 live version. A little birdie told me to check out BET's Black Girls Rock Award show sometime back, and i hadn't taken the time to Youtube this soul soothing experience til now. You're never tardy to a party like this one because their vocal performances were timeless! And amazing as they were individually they were that much more death defying collectively. Marcia Ambrosius (Saffronia) has an incomparable tone and vibration to her voice that is unique to our time space reality and will never be duplicated or mistaken for another vocalist. Kelly Price was her usual charming, and vocal acrobatic self with gentility like a mocking bird, as Aunt Sarah. We all know Jill as a women with undeniable presence and an uncanny reign on the stage, but as Ms. Scott sang, she suprised me yet didnt, with her graceful presentation of "Sweet thing". She did what she does best in holding her own, but made space for the beautiful balance of her lovely counter parts. And for an abosolutely appropriate and glorious finale and fanfare, Ledisi took her place as "Peaches" (My namesake to friends and the and gave us wind from her lungs that could give Angelic Seraphim a run for their money or their wings for that matter! This beautiful blend of balladeers has marked, no,.. painted my soul forever with this beautiful song.. and i will give thanks for it by letting it ring in my playlist until my ears are tickled again with more inspiring newness.
If you missed it.. just check them out here.. youll fall in love over and over again.

THE LAW OF BOOYAH!! were all probably more familiar with the term "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" rather than the more creative phrase I chose for the heading,lol..but isn't that what it's all about?..Creating? Actually it's more about DELIBERATE creating for me,..but none the less, apparently my intention was noteworthy! In fact i think the EARWINGS are note worthy..but its all connected. If you hadn't heard already, im speaking in reference to the Lovely Creationista BADU. I had the pleasure of having her mention LOTUS ROOTS in her tweet today in regards to my last post about the ever-fly EARWINGS. And to think i just had her in my energy stream a bit ago..goes to show, what you focus on you manifest. Lets see if i can manifest some more hits to the Essence of my Creativity! Look out deah now!

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