Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Is it just me or is this fabulous!? Is it just me, or do i not see in circulation more use of the acronym "ymib"? This, ladies, is the phenomenal online community of sistahs that ive yet to hear naturalists talk about. Or maybe im just new to the loop. Anywho, PLEASE PLEASE, I urge you to check out the beautifully laid out visuals for this stimulating circle of beautiful sistas. They will inspire you, share with you, and push you to give birth to the creativity that's laying dormant in your spirit! If you don't have this kind of support in your daily cipher of associates, you can grow with a whole new sistahood at the touch of your mouse.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Loc Socks": Lotus Peacock Tam

Im always amazed with the endless options there are for which to adorn our locs. And one of my particular favorites are Tams. These are crocheted hats (or snoods) that usually have an adjustable drawstring or elastic for a snug fit. I find it amazing that lately I see them on all sorts of hair types as the latest trend,(although most are often not of the handmade variety). Ive always found these "loc socks" facinating and decided id make them a part of my repertoire. I was first inspired to begin making tams by a beautiful photo of Erykah Badu in all white. I knew then i had to have, or create this piece! I fiured it wouldn't be easy to find a piece like the one she was wearing, so after calling a girlfriend to ask for help in freshening my crocheting skills, i was on my way to celebrity tam status! LOl! Anywho, after lots of determination, endless hours and a few stitches later, I became the self proclaimed local queen of the tam stitch! lol.That was ten years ago! Some word of mouth and lots of supportive friends helped my tam business blossom. And several notable folks like the lady named above, Angie Stone(pic featured below),and Lalah Hathaway, have been rocking my hats since. I had taken a break from crocheting a little bit when i moved to atlanta, but am back on track making fun pieces like the one featured in this post. I'm simply inspired by the organic aesthetic of wearing something made from my hands, not to mention unique color combinations and interesting stiches that make a piece stand out. To check out my tams and work of other inspiring artists, visit my ETSY store.