Thursday, December 9, 2010


Not only do Black Girls Rock,..but they can sing their tails off as well!! These FOUR WOMEN indefinitely shocked and rocked me into nostalgia over their sultry and ingenious rendition of Nina Simone's original 1964 live version. A little birdie told me to check out BET's Black Girls Rock Award show sometime back, and i hadn't taken the time to Youtube this soul soothing experience til now. You're never tardy to a party like this one because their vocal performances were timeless! And amazing as they were individually they were that much more death defying collectively. Marcia Ambrosius (Saffronia) has an incomparable tone and vibration to her voice that is unique to our time space reality and will never be duplicated or mistaken for another vocalist. Kelly Price was her usual charming, and vocal acrobatic self with gentility like a mocking bird, as Aunt Sarah. We all know Jill as a women with undeniable presence and an uncanny reign on the stage, but as Ms. Scott sang, she suprised me yet didnt, with her graceful presentation of "Sweet thing". She did what she does best in holding her own, but made space for the beautiful balance of her lovely counter parts. And for an abosolutely appropriate and glorious finale and fanfare, Ledisi took her place as "Peaches" (My namesake to friends and the and gave us wind from her lungs that could give Angelic Seraphim a run for their money or their wings for that matter! This beautiful blend of balladeers has marked, no,.. painted my soul forever with this beautiful song.. and i will give thanks for it by letting it ring in my playlist until my ears are tickled again with more inspiring newness.
If you missed it.. just check them out here.. youll fall in love over and over again.

THE LAW OF BOOYAH!! were all probably more familiar with the term "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION" rather than the more creative phrase I chose for the heading,lol..but isn't that what it's all about?..Creating? Actually it's more about DELIBERATE creating for me,..but none the less, apparently my intention was noteworthy! In fact i think the EARWINGS are note worthy..but its all connected. If you hadn't heard already, im speaking in reference to the Lovely Creationista BADU. I had the pleasure of having her mention LOTUS ROOTS in her tweet today in regards to my last post about the ever-fly EARWINGS. And to think i just had her in my energy stream a bit ago..goes to show, what you focus on you manifest. Lets see if i can manifest some more hits to the Essence of my Creativity! Look out deah now!

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