Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I believe this photo says it all. I found this image surfing Etsy one day while was taking a break from working and quickly added it to my favorites. It struck me instantly and I new it would be the subject of my next post. I stared at the photo for a while pondering on the fact that I've always wanted one of these tub thingies..a caddy to be specific. So much so, it put me in a particular mood and thought every woman who has a tub at her disposal should make it a point to set the mood regularly at the end of her day. Meditative bath time had been a ritual before I moved into my town home that so happened to have a very retro stand in shower. And while I love its nostalgia and quaintness, I do, at times, miss my bath time ritual. Which brings me to my PSA (public service announcement for those of you who aren't familiar with the We often say we don't have time for things, or say "when I have the money...then.." and the reality is we have to make time in the moment. And use what we have to take advantage of the bliss that is before us. What ever feels right for you, take time to carve out your little sentimental "me time". Whether it be candles and a good book via your bath caddy, or hot tea and John Coltrane, the time is NOW! Use what you have to romance and treat yourself to peace and ease. It is necessary to center from a busy day of being pulled in many directions. So take some time, turn off your electronics and unnatural lighting. Light some candles or bask in the early morning sunlight and set a tone of rest or begin your day with ambiance. Your creativity, mood, and loved ones will thank you. Let flow! ♥

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